Puma HD Infinite 15W-40

  • Anti-Wear Protection
  • Oxidation Resistance
  • Anti-Foam performance
  • Outperforming Conventional CK4 oils

Technical Data Sheet

Extra Performance Diesel Engine Oil.

Puma HD Infinite 15W-40 CK4 is a premium generation CK4 lubricant that has been designed to far exceed the requirements of the latest technology and engines designed to meet the lower Greenhouse Gas Emission requirements of 2017 model engines. These engines are fitted with Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR), Diesel filter Particles (DPF) and Selective Catalytic Reduction systems (SCR) present in the 2007 models and later. It is also suitable for pre-2007 equipment.

Puma HD Infinite 15W-40 CK4 has been formulated with highly refined base oils and advanced technology additives to provide superior performance than the conventional CK4 oil in area of wear and oxidation as well as soot and contamination handling. Providing more wear control on valve trains, better contamination control, effective handling of soot, reduced oil consumption, better protection for the piston rings and superior control of piston deposits which significantly improve operation and engine durability.



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