PUMA Advanced S 5W-30

  • Anti-Wear Protection
  • Oxidation Resistance
  • Engine Cleanliness

Technical Data Sheet

Puma Advanced S 5W-30 Oils are Full Synthetic multi-grade long drain lubricating oils. These oils provide increased engine protection through increased oxidation

resistance and anti-wear additive package. Specially developed for use in Diesel and Petrol vehicles fitted with advanced emission systems such as DPF (Diesel

Particulate Filters) or TWC (Three Way Catalytic Converters). Puma Advanced D 5W-30 oil is also suitable to be used in 4WD vehicles requiring ACEA C2/C3 or API

SN/CF specifications*

*OEM Specs should be checked before use

Chevron Emergency Information Center: 1800 009 010